24. November 2017 I Text und Fotos FOUND. by Markus

We are more than happy to invite you to an exclusive weekend 24th + 25th November in Nuremberg with three skilled and diligent women, famous for their craft: Elke Bauer, Inga Krause and  Stephanie Schneider.

Ceramics Elke Bauer - Munich @ FOUND. by Markus
Gold and Silver Jewelry KJELD - Inga Krause - Berlin @ FOUND. By Markus
Handwoven Silver Jewelry 17 Stephanie Schneider - Antwerp @ FOUND. by Markus

We hope to see as many of you, to enjoy a drink, chat with the ladies, and discover lots of wonderful pieces, we never had the chance to present before.
Kindest Regards,
Tobias Markus

When: 24th + 25th November 2017
Where: FOUND. by Markus